What We Do

Clinical Support

Provide top-quality clinical case support to electrophysiologists and cardiac physiologists during advanced cardiac 3D mapping cases, as well as cardiac device implants (brady, CRT and high voltage)

Training and Education

Provide training and education on topics of general cardiology, cardiac rhythm management and electrophysiology at four different levels:

a. Cath lab and other clinical staff.
b. New and advanced level industry representatives (both medical devices and pharmaceutical industries).
c. Clinical and administrative staff at hospitals and medical aid groups.
d. Basic and advanced level for cardiac technologists.

Business consulting and/or project management to hospital groups

Source unique and innovative products for marketing and distribution

of doing business with
Cardio Africa

Access to the market through an extensive range of clinical and commercial relationships

Top-quality product support and after-sales service based on years of practical clinical expertise

Access to strategic investment partners that see the potential of the market and would like to see their investment grow through involvement with Cardio Africa

6 year plan

1. Extensive social media and traditional marketing campaigns to increase visibility.
2. Increase clinical support and training & education business units by securing more contracts.
3. Find the correct unique and innovative product that fits the market for marketing and distribution rights.
4. Investigate running direct operations for companies through a bilateral collaboration with Cardio Africa.

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